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Week of February 23 of February 23, Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Christine Ereiser, OSB, St Joseph Monastery, Tulsa, OK

The Lord is kind and merciful. 
—Psalm 103
Listen to Psalm 103

Here we are, speeding down the spiritual superhighway to the season of Lent.

Not my favorite time of the liturgical year, all somber and solemn.

But, in a few days, we will receive ashes on our heads, be reminded of our mortal end, fast and abstain, and ponder how we might become more earnest in “the usual measure of our service” this season.

On this last Sunday before Lent, I will spend some time considering what to add to my “usual measure of service.” I am not particularly creative in choosing by what means to make my Lent meaningful. What is it I need to focus on this season? What can I take on that will not be too harsh or burdensome but yet be meaningful and bring about spiritual growth?  

As I ponder how to spend the coming forty days, I pray that in whatever I choose, I will be charitable in doing it. Charitable to myself and to those near me, remembering that our God is kind and merciful – and isn’t that the example I want to follow?

How will I show God’s kindness and mercy this Lent?

Sister Christine Ereiser is a Benedictine Sister of St Joseph Monastery, Tulsa, OK,
where she has been a member for 35 years. She recently completed 12 years
as prioress and is now on sabbatical.