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An Open Letter to Oblates and Seekers

I am writing you because I am passionate about Benedictine life and spirituality, and I take my commitment to this ancient wisdom tradition very seriously. Why? Because I believe that even after 1,500 years it can lead to wholeness and the care for each other and the earth that we need now. From its most basic teachings on how to speak to one another to its practical wisdom on care for tools to its most sublime call to receive everyone as Christ, we need the Benedictine way.

And I am writing because I believe you are passionate about it, too, as evidenced by your seeking and/or oblation. Which is why it is crucial that as many of you as possible take part in the colloquium, "Benedictine Life: A Vision Unfolding" June 21-24 at Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, KS, where Benedictines, be they oblates, professed sisters or monks, or serious seekers, will gather and share insights into how to live our Benedictine spirituality and values today.

Your public oblation and your serious seeking is a commitment to live your faith in a world that needs your witness to community, hospitality, and peace as much as my profession to a monastic community calls me to the same. Our shared commitment is why the Benedictine Women’s Federation of St. Scholastica is breaking new monastic ground in convening Benedictine Life: A Vision Unfolding. This colloquium holds the potential for seismic shifts in perspective today that will change how we live Benedictine life tomorrow. It also celebrates the Federation’s first 100 years while simultaneously throwing open the door on the next century. To walk through that door and see a different future, your participation is vital.

I encourage you to consider attending the colloquium in person. While we are excited that so many virtual participants have already registered and we welcome all who wish to participate virtually, we also yearn for in-person conversation around conference tables as well as the opportunity for the many informal ways that ideas are exchanged and generated when people are physically together. All while taking necessary COVID safety precautions, of course. 

  • If you value Benedictine spirituality
  • If you want more but don’t know what that looks like
  • If you are willing to entertain as yet unseen possibilities, 

then you might need to be a part of Benedictine Life: A Vision Unfolding June 21-24 at Mount St Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, KS, or virtually

The colloquium will begin Tuesday evening, June 21, continue June 22-23, and close on Friday morning, June 24. More information and registration:

Onsite registration: $225 includes meals; housing separate
Virtual registration: $175
If you have the financial means to cover the fee but are unable to attend, please consider making it possible for an oblate with less means to attend. If you need assistance, email and we will let you know if funds become available.

Your sister in Scholastica and Benedict,
Linda Romey, OSB
Centennial Colloquium Planning Committee