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Week of November 15, 2020

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Matthew 25:14-30 

The parable offered to us in today’s gospel follows last week’s and precedes what will be proclaimed next week. It is part of the eschatological discourse in which Jesus teaches his disciples “to endure through difficult times and to live in anticipation of the Lord’s return.” The parable of the talents challenges me to consider how I have used what God has gifted me with in the building up of my family, my community, relationships? Have I invested my gifts wisely and with prudence or have I been too self-centered, perhaps, lazy and wasteful?

This scripture reassures me of God’s return, in spite of not knowing when. So like the message of last week, I must remain alert, ever ready for an accounting of my stewardship. As I look around the community, I see lovely embroidered tea towels, colorful baby sweaters, hats and booties, unique crocheted animals of all sizes and shapes, jars of honey and delicious jelly, bottles of herbed vinegar, sisters listening to one another, offering comfort, helping with community chores…all demonstrating various gifts during this time of “staying home.” Each person with her unique skills has exhibited a worthiness of God’s praise and trust. And I hear God saying to each “well done, good and faithful servant…come and share my joy!”

What gift will I share with others this week?
What kind of risks am I willing to take with a God who has been generous with me?
How do I receive the gifts given to me from another?

Sister Marcia Ziska has been a member of the Benedictine Sisters at Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, KS, for 47 years. A retired certified hospital chaplain, she has served in pastoral care, formation work and was associate director of the Sophia Center, the community’s retreat center. Sister Marcia coordinated the Rome Renewal Program for English-speaking Benedictine women world-wide from 2003-2010. She served on the National Religious Vocation Conference Board the American Benedictine Formation Conference Leadership Team. She currently is vocation director, does spiritual direction, and is a staff member for the spiritual direction training program, Souljourners.