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First Week of Advent 2019

Week of December 1-7
Christine Ereiser, OSB, St Joseph Monastery, Tulsa, OK

Cathopic.comThe chapel is dim; gradually the light from one small flame spreads through the prayer space, among those gathered and into hearts of anticipation, awaiting the coming of the longed-for One.

The words that are sung reflect the yearning in the hearts of those who sing:

            Wait for the coming Savior! Wait through the heart’s slow race.

            Wait for the kingdom’s dawning. Wait till we see God’s face! (unknown source)

As the days of extended darkness envelop us in this part of the world, Advent candles are lighted to mark the passing weeks of the season. The light pierces the darkness of the early evening and reminds me of Emmanuel who is coming to bring everlasting light to all throughout our world.

In the readings of this Sunday, both Isaiah and Paul speak of light. Isaiah says “Come…walk in the light of the Lord!” while Paul speaks of putting “on the armor of light.” The light of which they write shatters the darkness of the world (actual or figurative) and allows me to see clearly, no longer stumbling as though blind, but walking surely in the light of God-with-us.

Carrying this God-light within challenges me to be aware of to those I meet, those I serve, to take care to not block or distort the light but to let it simply shine in my heart and to keep God present in what I do each day.

Let us together walk in the light of the Lord!

Where do I most need Christ’s light in my life today?

Sister Christine Ereiser is a Benedictine Sister of St Joseph Monastery, Tulsa, OK,
where she has been a member for 35 years. She recently completed 12 years
as prioress and is now on sabbatical.